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April 18, 2020 website

Almost two weeks ago I released a side project called Logre.IO and my goal was to create a simplest log tool where people can start to log stuff with only one click without the “burochracy” of create a new account or do some complex setup.

Usually, I do side projects to learn new things and improve my “product” skills. Like most of my previous side projects, I was just expecting a small engagement from close friends but, people started to comment and retweet my initial tweet what mades me really happy and suprised.

Here is some statistics from Twitter, Impressions: 19.333, Engagements: 1.487 and some from the app, Boxes: 778, Logs: 189.

After these two weeks we released the “Accounts” feature which basically allow users to create an account and create private boxes.

How it was build

Logre.IO was literally, a weekend side project and it was only possible because of the amazing available tech and serverless offers.

We use, React to components and app state management, Typescript to make our code more predictable, TailwindCSS to style our components, FaunaDB to stores data safely using the amazing ABAC security layer and ZEIT to host our plataform and use serverless functions.

Next steps

  • Add samples on how to use Logre.IO with cloud functions(Zeit, Netlify, etc) and FaunaDB.
  • Create a support channel. Probably a Twitter account for now.
  • Enable users to create different views to analyze the logs.
  • Enable users to extract metrics and valuable info frmo logs.

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