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Add E2E tests to ensure that your main features are working

March 06, 2021

Last night I had a problem with TweetPik where I made a small change and I didn’t expect it to break the main feature - download a tweet as an image. But, this could be avoided if I had added a simple e2e test to ensure that the functionality was working as expected. So, I will briefly show you what I did this morning. Even if you don’t have a deep tech skill, you will be able to understand and perhaps implement it on your side as well.

For e2e tests, I decided to use Playwright Test, which is a Microsoft open-source project that uses Playwright to run e2e tests because I had good experiences with it in another project and because it uses Typescript by default which matches my current codebase. Another good tool for that is Cypress.

I also decided to use Folio as test framework instead of other popular ones like Jest because it provides better support for Playwright’s features, such as a nice CLI to run.

So, to install Playwright, you can use npm or yarn. Since I’m using Typescript, I added a babel transpiler.

Using npm:

$ npm i -D @playwright/test @babel/preset-typescript --dev  

Using yarn:

$ yarn add @playwright/test @babel/preset-typescript --dev

I created a folder in the root folder called e2e and I added the test file called downloadTweetImage.test.ts. I decided to organize my e2e tests by feature but you maybe want to organize in a different way like by page.

The test file e2e/downloadTweetImage.test.ts is quite simple:

import { it, expect } from "@playwright/test";

it("downloads a tweet as PNG", async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto("http://localhost:3000");
  await page.fill(
  await"#search", "Enter");
  await page.waitForSelector(".download");
  const [download] = await Promise.all([


Basically what I did was:

  • Go to the page
  • Fill the search input
  • Press ENTER
  • Expect the download button be displayed on the screen
  • Wait for a download event
  • Click on the download button
  • Click on the PNG option
  • Check if the downloaded content is not undefined

To run the tests I used Folio directly using npx:

$ npx folio --test-match e2e/*.ts

This runs all the tests across Chromium, Firefox and Webkit. Since the feature is not using any “not well supported API” I changed that to just run on Chromium to speed up things.

$ npx folio --param browserName=chromium --test-match e2e/*.ts

You can see more params here.

Also, you can add this as script on package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "e2e": "npx folio --test-match e2e/*.ts"

Now, to run the command you can do:

Using npm:

$ npm run e2e  

Using yarn:

$ yarn run e2e  

That is it. I hope you enjoyed the content and make you think about add e2e tests into your product covering the main features.

See ya!

Written by Bruno Quaresma
Creator of TweetPik and Web Developer at Coder

© 2021, Bruno Quaresma